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Sibel Balac is an illustrator based in Stuttgart, Germany, whose work is celebrated for its lively illustrations, empowering depictions of women, and charming characters. Drawing inspiration from the colorful pages of comics, the beat of pop culture, and her passion for exploration and adventure, Sibel's work playfully reflects diversity and her deep admiration for the various beauties of femininity.
Her bold artistic style serves as a lively and captivating language across various mediums, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in her colorful and playful world. 
Sibel holds a diploma in Communication Design from the State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart, which broadens her approach to design beyond traditional illustration. Additionally, she loves to share her knowledge as a graphic design and illustration teacher, contributing to the growth of aspiring creatives.

selected clients

Apple TV+, Doordash, Adobe, Reishunger, eBay, StadtPalais – Museum for Stuttgart, Elbphilharmonie Magazine, Berliner Zeitung, Cabaia, Guido Magazine, Frankfurter Allgemeine, Comic Con Germany, Romanelli coffee, Yves Rocher, Lift Magazine

Features & Interviews

Podcast – Ohne den Hype|  Takeover tuesday — dash bash | Ballpitmag | Reishunger Allgemeine Newspaper |Slanted Publishers | Design made in Germany

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