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»The Stuttgart Magazine« 
„Hail the Underdogs“, an article which introduces us to Stuttgart's landmarks that are totally underrated and deserve much more attention. So let’s forget about Maultaschen (Swabian raviolis), Brezeln (Pretzels) and Kickers and head over to Saure Nierle (sour kidneys), Leberkäswecken (liver meatloaf), and Forro Fanatics!
Here are the stars from Stuttgart's second row that no one has (yet) hyped.
In Stuttgart, you can find all kinds of merchandise such as bags, T-shirts and mugs with the famous „Fernsehturm" (TV  Tower) printed on them. But what about all the other cool towers in Stuttgart? We need merch with the words "All towers are beautiful".
When it comes to sport in Stuttgart, the Kickers club is the no.1 on everyone's lips, but Stuttgart is also home to the largest forró festival in Europe, the „Forró Fanatics".
Everyone wants to make the Neckar to a city beach - the "city on the river" is the great dream of everyone in Stuttgart. But have you ever thought about other rivers that you could stand up for? Why not think even bigger and bring the Nesenbach out from under the city centre? Well, a few houses and shops would have to move, but if we're already tinkering with the groundwater flow for S21 anyway, then the rest is just a piece of cake, right?! 
The best and first burger comes right here from Stuttgart! Right, it's "The Leberkäsweckle"! Meat pressed into shapes that no one recognises anymore, with ketchup and mustard between two buns - we've been doing it for a long time! How about a first hip Leberkäs restaurant? 
Maultaschen here, Maultaschen there. When it comes to Swabian food, the Maultasche (Swabian ravioli) always has to hold its doughy face up to the camera. Anyway, it's time for the hype about another Swabian dish. Sour kidneys, for example!
Yes, it's fascinating that a parrot colony has formed in Cannstatt, and yes, it's also exciting that it's the only free-living yellow-headed amazon group outside of America. But what about the cute turtles in the Feuersee? What wildlife photographer dedicates a Facebook fan page to them? That's right, nobody. 
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