Various Illustrations
Personal Work 2021
MY KIND OF MUSEUM – Imagine a museum full of delicious and good looking food and at the end there's a hall full of yummy dishes to try. Have a nice stay!
OUTFIT OF THE DAY  A look I created with cute clothes I saw online from time to time. 
WORKOUTS WITH PAMELA REIF – Without Pam I would have become the most unactive potato ever during the lockdown. My favourite quote from her is still "and I'm starting to sweat", when I'm usually already bathing in my sweat and crying. Thank you for all your work and the motivation.
STOP ASIAN HATE – Tribute to the #stopasianhate movement 2020/2021.
HOWL'S MOVING CASTLE – Tribute to my favourite animation film studio "Ghibli". I've illustrated Howl and Sophie, the main characters of one of Studio Ghiblis most visually stunning films "Howl's Moving Castle". 
GROCERY MUST HAVES – There are some ingredients in my kitchen that can’t be missing.
CURRENT MOOD – First lockdown mood illustration 2020.
DOG OR CAT PERSON – I'm both, but if I had to choose now I would go with a dog.
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